About Cecil Images

Overview:  Member of ASMP and SATW.  An ASMP "Best of 2012" photographer.  In-depth coverage of African, Arab, Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, and Hispanic culture emphasizing  people, religion, agriculture, handicrafts, public health and economic development.  Images for the textbook, magazine, and educational market. 


Let Cecil Images be “your eyes abroad” for professional, high-quality, accurately captioned images illustrating Third World cultures.  Modern and traditional people dealing with the complexities and challenges of everyday life.  Islamic peoples.  Mosques.  Madrasas.  Eid al-Adha Celebrations.  West African and Asian ethnic groups.  Handicrafts.  African culture, geography, infrastructure, natural resources.  Agribusiness in Africa.  Traditional Third World farming methods.  Let Cecil Images' cameras bring you in close, to show you the details of things you might not notice, even if you were in the same place.


Geographic specialties include Ivory Coast, Senegal, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Niger, Oman, Tunisia, Zanzibar.  Latin American destinations include Oaxaca, Mexico Day of the Dead celebrations; Antigua, Guatemala Holy Week (Semana Santa) celebrations; Mayan ruins of Copan, Honduras; Peru, Urubamba Valley and Cuzco; Havana and Trinidad, Cuba, and the Riviera Maya of the Yucatan peninsula.  Selected Caribbean destinations.  Buddhist and Hindu Temples in the Kathmandu valley area, Nepal, plus southern China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Bhutan, Bali, and Java.  U.S. coverage includes Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Seattle, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Baltimore, Ft. Lauderdale, plus Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island.


I spent 23 years’ living in Africa and the Arab World during a 36-year career in the U.S. Foreign Service.  Dealing with foreign governments in sensitive or challenging environments, as well as working closely with the U.S. Agency for International Development and the Peace Corps, I learned how to document the use of limited financial resources for economic development, environmental mitigation, and non-profit grassroots social development activities.  Being conversant in French and Arabic and studying Spanish opens many doors. 


After attaining the rank of Ambassador in 1996, I left the Foreign Service in 2001 to devote myself full-time to photography and writing, working to promote cross-cultural understanding and tolerance.  I often travel on self-generated, stock-oriented trips.  A member of the Society of American Travel Writers (SATW), I will consider proposals combining text/photo assignments.  A list of many article-length publications is available on request.


We can lend impact to your message.  Let Cecil Images be your eyes abroad.


Past Clients    

                 Rizzoli International Publications
                Condé Nast Traveller (Russia)

                Conde Nast Traveler (Spain)

                National Geographic Traveler (Poland)

                Saudi Aramco World

                Response Magazine


                Lonely Planet

                Pronk & Associates

                Lerner Publishing Group

                The World and I

                Stacey International

                Pearson Education

                U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Information Programs

                Harcourt Education (Australia)

                Crabtree Publishing

                Beirut Daily Star

                Harcourt Inc.

                Duval House

                Ministry of Information, Sultanate of Oman

                Impact PhotoGraphics

                Terrell Creative

                Bearport Publishing Company

                Oxford University Press

                American Forests

                Karthala Editions (France)


                Houghton Mifflin

                STATE Magazine

Non-Profit Clients

                IRD, International Relief & Development, Senegal

                Peace Corps, Senegal

                Africare, Senegal

                NCBA/CLUSA Senegal (National Cooperative Business Association CLUSA International)

                Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Wisconsin-Madison

                Tasmia Academy, Dehradun, India

                Madrasa Islamiya Arabia Izharul-Uloom, Dehradun, India

                Madrasa Imdadul Uloom, Dehradun, India

                Gift of the Givers [Islamic charity], Cape Town, South Africa